The History

120 students packed into a lecture hall at the University of Wollongong in Dubai to discuss the differences between Islam and Christianity. It was the Spring of 2005. Never before had there been a public dialogue on this topic on the Arabian Peninsula that was organized by both Christian and Muslim representatives. 

And the organizers were the students themselves!

People’s life trajectories were changed that day. One student decided to become a Muslim apologist. Others set out into Christian ministry. Many others learned to dialogue peacefully that day and are still in conversation with their friends of different faiths.

GDS Knowledge Consultants (more on GDSKC below) was a corporate sponsor of the Christian Fellowship Club during that first dialogue in 2005. They sponsored the dialogues then and jumped onboard to sustain the Dialogues as an ongoing event. Their commitment to interfaith dialogue continues today.

We hope you enjoy watching the dialogues and exploring faith in this site. You can purchase a dialogue DVD or just watch online. For more information on both religions please check out the “Explore Faith” page.

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Our Corporate Sponsors

GDS Knowledge Consultants is a Dubai-based company which provides consulting services for secondary school graduates wishing to attend university in America. We coach students on how to navigate the admissions process for American universities in both undergraduate and graduate schools and we also provide cross-cultural training in order to help prospective students prepare for life in America.

Our company partners with a top admissions consulting firm named iDotting, based in Washington, DC. As part of our services, our clients interact with iDotting experts in the American admissions process.

Situated in Knowledge Village, our company has been actively involved in the academic community since its inception; running workshops for leadership development and cross-cultural interactions for students from all over the world.

We believe that education is the key to increasing intercultural understanding, and thus we encourage students to be learning from each others' views and beliefs; as demonstrated by our sponsorship of the Muslim Christian Dialogue for the past eleven years.